We invite you to explore our site and contact us with any questions or concerns.  Thank you for visiting Tucker's Cupboard.
  • October 22 is 'MAKE A DOGS DAY"  and we are sure a dog's wish list would include lots of the following:

  • Treats!

  • Play, play, play!

  • Walks, meet new friends and old!

  • Treats!

  • Love, cuddles and attention from everyone!

  • Long nap with human!

  • Treats!


The third week in October is always National Vet Tech Week.  Thank You to all those hard working, caring individuals who do so much to care for our animals.









 Our mission statement:

     To provide some basic medical financial assistance for canines living in households within the South Lane School  

     District, Lane County, Oregon  that may be underfunded.    

     To provide service without bias or prejudice toward either the animals or their human 


     To be fiscally responsible to ensure the growth and support of our organization.